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Products Readymade Sensor Modules AC PIR sensor motion module MI-063S01-A
MI-063S01-A is a moving object sensor that can detect range of 360° and it’s working frequency is 5.8G
Features :
  • Power source: 90-240V/AC.
  • Power frequency: 50/60Hz.
  • Transmission power: <0.2mW.
  • Rated load:1200W/5A,Max, tungsten(cosᶿ=1)(220-240V/AC),300W/2.5A,max,fluorescent (cosᶿ=0.5)(220-240V/AC,600W/5A,Max, tungsten(cosᶿ=1)(100-130V/AC),150W/2.5A,max,fluorescent (cosᶿ=0.5)(100-130V/AC).
  • Installation sit: ceiling mounting.
  • HF system: 5.8GHz CW electric wave.ISM band.
  • Working temperature: -15�C~ 70�C.Detection angle: 360�.
  • Detection range: 2m-5m-8m-10m (radii.), adjustable.
  • Time setting: 6sec-1min-3min-5min-10min-15min,adjustable.Light-control: <10LUX-100LUX-300LUX-2000LUX,adjustable.Power consumption: approx.0.5W.


MI-063S01-A is a moving object sensor that can detect range of 360�and it’s working frequency is 5.8G.The advantage of this product is stable working state (stable working temperature: -15�C~ 70�C), MI-063S01-A adopts a microwave sensor(high-frequency output\<0.2mW),so that it is safe and performs better than infrared sensor.

 Technical Specifications
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